Proof The Flintstones Were Nuclear Holocaust Survivors

If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s The Flintstones were your main source of information about life during the Stone Age, but is it possible that our favorite childhood cartoon has a more sinister undertone? Is it conceivable that they weren’t living in the Stone Age at all, but in fact living in a dystopian post-apocalyptic wasteland that quite literally was bombed back the Stone Age.

Back in 1987 there was a made for TV movie that gives us our first clue into this theory called The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones. In the movie Elroy (That’s George Jetson’s son for our younger audience) creates a time machine and travels with his family into the future. However, the device malfunctions and send them into the past, but let’s theorize that the time machine worked! What if instead, they did travel to the future, one that was far beyond their understanding?

With this information presented to us it is then safe to assume that the surviving animal species in this scenario would get a new start in the wasteland. Without humans constantly trying to eat them they would be free to flourish and evolve. Some of them would gain sentience and some animals like the dinosaurs they would get a second chance at life. When humans do eventually re-emerge to the surface, they are going to face an interesting predicament. While their technology would be more advanced and make their life easier the cost of making this technology was far too expensive, so the solution would be to use some strange, organic-based crossbreed.

Why expend limited resources when human engineering is advanced enough to make humans strong enough to propel their motor vehicles using their own feet? You can also use the newly evolved animals to replace gas-guzzling machinery and in term provide them with jobs and turn them into productive members of society.

Modern Day Appliances

Another clue into this theory is the fact that most of their animal driven machinery are modern day appliances, albeit now outdated appliances, but appliances, nonetheless. They use a pig who lives under their sink as their garbage disposal, a micro-elephant on wheels that is used to vacuum, or even a bird’s beak used as a record player.

Abruptly, we start seeing a picture being painted that shows a society who may be more than primitive families but to one that has access to modern day technology! Those animal powered appliances are just grim reminders of a world long since passed. They were just simply using what they had available to them to rebuild their world the way it was.

Celebrating Christmas

They Flintstones celebrate Christmas, which in case you weren’t aware is a little deeper than just putting presents under the tree and kissing under the mistletoe. They are quite literally celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on a cartoon that we were led to believe was based way before the birth of Christ.


Now you might be asking yourself how they purchased all these elaborate gifts. They must have had a pretty sophisticated a robust economy to be able to pull that off, well you’d be right, and they did. Unlike most Stone Age societies, the Flintstones do not operate of a trading or bartering system. They have money and a pretty complicated banking system. How complicated you ask? They have deposit slips that they must fill out with a rock and chisel. On top of that they do have a currency that is strikingly modern-day, which it also looks like they have some illuminati symbolism printed across it.

This all leads us to believe that they had the ability to produce ink because there wouldn’t have been enough of it to survive the initial fallout to produce enough currency to sustain a working economy.


From what we’ve seen The Flintstones who are supposed to be a prehistoric family with early 20th century technology and a modern-day banking system. If we were to stumble on this primitive society today, we’d think they were from the Stone Age at all, and that they had either received influence by the old world, or at the very least building it in its image.

Cold War

Keep in mind, The Flintstones initially aired from 1960 to 1966 and this was during their peak of the Cold War. What if the showdown between the United States and The Soviet Union happened and it blew us all back to Bedrock? Is it possible that The Flitstones was a glimpse into our post-apocalyptic future?


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