Claudia La Bianca and The Star of Metamorphosis

Claudia La Bianca, the Embodiment of Empowered Women

Across the globe from her home town of Sicily where she sprinkled the back alleys with her artwork to the dunes of Reno Nevada where her most recent work is going to travel over two thousand miles to be displayed. Starting at a young age her parents were religiously promoting her art. She would then blossom into the the esteemed artist she is today. From humble beginnings where she could barely afford the cost of paint to now planting her artwork like seeds that adorn the city streets.

Her Italian passion spilled into art and brought forth the empowerment of women across the world with installations in her home town to major metropolitan cities in America. Acting as a modern day Michelangelo she covered buildings in New York, Philadelphia, Miami, and Los Angeles. Her latest work will take her to the burning dunes of Nevada where she will be displaying an installment that she calls “The Star of Metamorphosis,” a towering six panel tarot card carousel ride. Which will connect to each other and in the center a carousel horse that visitors can ride.

But why the Nevada Desert?

Every year there is a week-long experimental community that joins to dedicate themselves to self-expression and anti-consumerism. More than thirty five thousand participants will culminate in celebration of the burning of a large wooden sculpture of a man, so there couldn’t be a better place for Claudia to showcase her newest piece. In her words she’s also attending so she can have some time to free herself before rejoining society for another year.

Claudia is a woman who incorporates the principles of this experimental festival into her daily life, and hence, into everyday society through her actions and her work

  • If you’re interested in more of her work you can follow her on her Instagram @claudialabianca and make sure you check out her Patreon to help support her mission to bring her art to life.

La vera opera d’arte non è che un’ombra della divina perfezione.


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