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Shut up and Take my Rupees

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@cosplayandcrafting is probably or favorite new follow on Instagram mainly because of this most excellent armor set she just came out with that not only pays homage to The Legend of Zelda franchise but also incorporates a majesty that is all too absent in the world of cosplay lately. 

In a market over saturated with cosplayers trying to make their mark, Jenna Pavlic is raising the bar on you filthy casuals. 

As a long time fan of the Legend of Zelda franchise this cosplay elegantly encorporates the real feel of the characters and you could easily forget that you’re not in the game just by looking at it. 


Jenna Pavlic is a cosplayer and a model out of Orlando Florida and has an bunch of amazing creations and is consistently making some of the best armor on the internet. 

You can follow her profile on Instagram on both her personal profile @jennapavlic and her creator profile @cosplayandcrafting


You can also visit Jenna’s Etsy shop by going to

Where she actually sells these magical creations.

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