How the F*ck is This Not Teleportation Gone Wrong?

Honestly Wtf and I Looking at Right Now?

A couple of days ago this incredibly strange video started to go viral on Facebook of a car that seems to have been merged with a tree and people are speculating that this is teleportation gone wrong. Upon watching the video I still can’t figure out if this is an art installment or not, but you can see there were a lot of people present to film the event.

What they’re looking at is still as puzzling to any viewer who has seen it, this isn’t just some average car accident and the likelihood of a car falling out of the sky doesn’t seem possible without some kind of damage happening to the base of the car, but here it is just a car pierced by a tree.

The weirdest part of this is the tree is still rooted to the ground and no leaves at the top or branched for that matter have been damaged. How in the hell could this be possible, a man in the video speaking French says his first thought was it had to be teleportation, or in this case one that failed very badly.


The video was first shared from from a user on WhatsApp who wrote, “People think that it’s only in Africa such a thing would happen. The Bible says in the end time, strange things would be happening that no one can fathom, and this is one of such.”

What do you think is going on here, because it looked a hell of a lot like teleportation to me, the tree is firmly planted in the ground and there is zero damage to this car. It’s like it was just suddenly…There…

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