Russian Dairy Farmers Are Strapping Cows With VR

Russian Dairy Farmers Are Strapping Cowns With VR to Produce Better Milk

A story that could have only come out of Russia, farmers are attempting to get better milk out of their cows by strapping virtual reality headsets that have been specifically modified to fit on the bovine’s heads. The idea is to give them pleasant and relaxing experiences.

However, no one actually knows if plugging these dairy cows into The Matrix has had any improvement on the quality of the milk. The cows do seem to be a lot happier in their new virtual reality field than they had been being stuffed into a crowded dairy farm.

The farmers figured out that the cows were a lot less stressed out when they were plugged in to virtual reality, and they are now planning on launching a larger study to see if having these cows plugged into The Matrix actually has an improvement in quality of the milk or the volume.


Now if this weird new technology doesn’t have the desired effect on the cows, a crazy idea would maybe let them roam around an actual field.

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