Could the Mysterious Creator of ‘The Worst Movie of All Time’ Tommy Wiseau Be the Infamous D.B.Cooper?

Could Tommy Wiseau Creator of The Room Be the Infamous D.B. Cooper

If you’ve seen the movie The Disaster Artist by James Franco you probably have a small idea of who Tommy Wiseau is, kind of. The film paints him to be this mysterious character who directed the not so smash hit The Room. Which is arguably the worst movie of all time, and recently someone came up with a theory that may finally reveal the identity of this mysterious character Tommy Wiseau.

Remember D.B. Cooper? Probably not if you’re part of the younger audience. He is not as popular today as he once was, but this wasn’t the case back in the day. For those of you that don’t know way back in 1971, just before Thanksgiving, D.B. Cooper was smashing headlines when he hijacked a plane that was flying from Portland to Seattle. He was holding the plane for ransom for about $200,000 dollars which translates into about $1.2 million dollars today.

The incredible thing is he made the plane land in the Seattle-Tacoma airport and was then given the money. He let the passengers off, and took back off with the crew and ordered them to fly to Mexico City, but here’s the thing, D.B. Cooper never made it there. About a half hour into the flight this absolute unit parachuted out of the plane and was never heard from again. Despite the best efforts of authorities who conducted one of the largest and most intensive manhunts in United States history. The search for D.B. Cooper hasn’t even been called off until recently in 2016 but the tip line still remains open until this day.


The FBI at one point did find a small trace of the ransom money, but not a single cent of it has ever actually been spent. Back in 1980 a boy did find a small chunk of it in the sand right on the coast of the Columbia River, but this is the only portion that has ever been recovered.

Tommy Wiseau is a complete mystery and his background is just speculation. He has always claimed that he was from New Orleans and supposedly born in 1969, which is definitely not true. He did however, finally admit on Jimmy Kimmel that he was originally from Europe. The best guess anyone can make is that he was more than likely born in Poland in 1955, but there’s still no evidence to support that. The most we actually know about him is he was living in San Francisco by the 1990’s.

According to the Google Box Wiseau is about 5’9 which is close to the same height as D.B. Cooper’s height. He also has an incredibly strange speaking style, which is Eastern European accent mixed something that is still unknown. The Room cost a whopping six million dollars to make and to this date no one has any idea where Wiseau got the money to produce it. Not to mention the fact that the FBI has surmised that D.B. Cooper got his alias from Dan Cooper Comics, which is a Belgian comic company that was never translated into English. Now if you consider that Tommy Wiseau was “originally from Europe,” there is a possibility that he could have found this comic at some point. Due to the way that D.B. Cooper placed his tie clip he was believed to have been left-handed and from what we know Tommy Wiseau is also left-handed (but this could just be a strange joke). They both also have this love for dark sunglasses.

The question still remains could the mysterious Tommy Wiseau actually be the infamous D.B. Cooper? The world may never know.

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