Padme Did Not Pass of a Broken Heart

I Felt a Great Disturbance in The Force After Watching Revenge of the Sith

It’s incredible that one of the biggest plot points in Star Wars history was explained away by a mere broken heart, and just like that it’s case closed and never talked about again. It’s literally the f*cking Jeffrey Epstein of Star Wars.

Since 2005 there has been a growing amount of Star Wars fans that are debating the events that concluded the prequel series, which is arguably the best in the series “Revenge of the Sith”. Fans have been speculating that there is no way that Padme was killed by a broken heart, and we’re here to tell you that this was absolutely NOT the case.

The only time someone says anything about this “broken heart” is when SHE says it while she was begging Anakin to stop his attack on the Jedi. Which sure this could break your heart to know that the love of your live, the father of your unborn children is a mass murdering maniac.  At this moment Anakin is admitting that he’s turned against them, shacking up with Palpatine’s takeover, and then eventually plotting to overthrow him, Padame collapses, but the big million dollar question is would that be enough to kill her? 

We Say Nay


But Could Have it Been Anakin’s Force Choke?

 As shady as a move as this was, and as angry as Anakin was with Padme siding with Obi-Wan, he did let her go. Even though they were trying to kill him he releases her, and the movie goes through great lengths to show you that she very clearly survives his attack. You can even see her breathing as she’s unconscious on the floor. Then Obi-Wan gets back on the ship after leaving Anakin half the man he used to be, and we see that her breathing once again. Now is it possible that this could have been the cause of her death…maybe, but the film reaffirms more than once that this was not the cause of her death.

The Hell Do Droids Know About the Force Anyway? 

After Padme gets to Polis Massa she is immediately taken to a medical bay and is cared for by medical droids. Now let’s get one thing straight: Droids don’t know Squat About The Force. They don’t even know about it unless it’s been specifically programmed into them. You can clearly see that whatever was happening with Padme had to do with The Force and if you remember the exact words the droid said were as follows.

DROID “Medically, she’s completely healthy. For reasons we can’t explain, we’re losing her.” 

Obi-Wan “She’s dying?!” 

DROID “ We don’t know why. She’s lost the will to live. We need to operate quickly if we are to save the babies”

Let’s break this down “For reasons we can’t explain, we’re losing her.” The reason is The Force “We don’t know why. She’s lost the will to live.” Almost like her connection with the living Force was being cut off? Obviously the droids would not be able to pick that up! Was Padme not the type to actually struggle the entire time? Wasn’t she fighting to stay conscious all the way through to the bitter end of the birth of her children, it’s pretty obvious that her will to live was incredibly strong. Then question then comes down to why was her Life Force being torn away, seemingly siphoned off by a Force Vampire, could it be possible that this is the power of someone who would be able to control the Forces of life and death? Even able to cheat it? This is definitely starting to sound like someone I know…

Remember the story of Darth Plagueis the Wise? Well Palpatine certainly did, so much so he learned the powers of his old master and killed him off when there was nothing more he could acquire from him. So, this means while Anakin was laying burnt to a crisp on Mustafar, Palpatine was sucking the Life Force from Padme and then in turn giving it to Anakin. So, Padme died so Anakin could be reborn as Darth Vader!

“I Sense Lord Vader is in Danger”

 So the question remains, how the hell Palpatine could effect Padme when she’s on Polis Massa? Remember when Palpatine was battling Yoda? Well he knew something was wrong with Anakin while he was all the way out on Mustafar. Remember this is the day that Palpatine was at the height of his power, when the Dark Side of The Force was the strongest in him. Completely blindsiding the Jedi, who are fighting this rise in the Dark Side. If he was aware of what was going on with Anakin on Mustafar then certainly he was capable of reaching Padme on Polis Massa.

“But She Was Alive. I Felt It” 

Darth Vader rises, he’s not the same man that was Anakin Skywalker. He’s been beaten, burned, and definitely did NOT have the High Ground. The only thing possibly keeping him alive is the Life Force that had been taken from Padme and given to him, brought to you by the Master of Dark Arts and one evil son-of-a-bitch. This is not some crazy coincidence that Padme had died the exact moment that Darth Vader is born, and the first thing that he does is ask about Padme. Anakin, remember, was awake through the entirety of the procedure that saved his life and during it he could feel Padme’s Life Force. He knew the whole time that the Force Choke did not kill his wife.


Palpatine: “Lord Vader, can you hear me?” 

Vader: “Yes Master. Where is Padme? Is she safe? Is she alright?” 

Palpatine: “It seems, in your anger, you killed her.” 

Vader: “I-I couldn’t have. She was ALIVE-I FELT IT.” 

*Palpatine Smiles* 


 The evidence is clear, Anakin knew that she was still alive and then felt her Life Force leave her. The Emperor smiles in satisfaction, but there is one more SOLID piece of evidence to back all of this up. One F A C T that no one can deny.

The Was NO WAY Palpatine Should Have Known What Had Happened To Padme! 

Padme was rushed away to a secret location, a location that was hidden from Vader and the Emperor. Now Palpatine was super busy after his duel with Yoda and he had to scurry off to go save Anakin’s dumb ass. He then had to rebuild him into Darth Vader, so if he was this busy he wouldn’t have known what happened to Padme unless…HE KILLED HER! There would not have been any news of what happened to her that quickly, and it had only happened moments before he told Anakin about her fate. This went all according to his master plan to keep Vader under his thumb. She absolutely had to die right then and there, or Vader may have never had become so committed to the Empire.

So there you have it, Padme WAS NOT KILLED BY A BROKEN HEART and the fact that Palpatine was aware of her death is solid PROOF of it!

2 thoughts on “Padme Did Not Pass of a Broken Heart”

  1. Lobo says:

    Oh… I felt how my brain shook when i read that “Force Vampire” and how he was sucking the life off Padmè to transfer it to Anakin. This opens a whole new line of thoughts for the saga and definitely improves my perspective of Episode III.
    That movie is getting more and more underrated as time goes by.

    1. GeekDup says:

      I’m really glad you enjoyed this article, and the face that you took a snippet of something I said made your brain shake just gave me all the reason to keep doing what I’m doing. Thank you Lobo.

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