Nintendo 64 Gave Us The Best Christmas of the 90’s

The Nintendo 64 Gave Us The Best 90's Christmas

It’s Christmas morning and you’re eyes pop open, there’s only one thing on your mind and that’s tearing apart those presents you’ve anxiously been waiting to unwrap.

A whole month worth of waiting back then felt like an eternity to you, but the day had finally come. You can hardly contain the excitement as you wake the whole house up exclaiming “It’s Christmas”.

As you tore through the gifts like a hurricane looking for that one special present that you wanted from the fat man, the one you had begged and pleaded your parents to get you. And, just as you think that all hope is lost, you unwrap it and all time stands still for a moment as you choke back the tears welling, your parents sitting there with their coffee aromatically flooding the house, smitten with themselves.


For me that gift was the Nintendo 64, the whole process of unwrapping that marvel of modern machinery was one of, if not THE, most incredible experiences of a lifetime. Moms and Dads around the world that day would start to set them up, and finally getting to put their hands on that system was a nothing short of a Christmas mircale. Truly something the whole family could enjoy. I remember one of the most amazing things was getting to actually hear the voices of our favorite characters that we spent so long growing up with.

My Story

Just weeks before Christmas my parents had called me into their room, and finally told me the big Christmas secret. They had to, they were out of options and out of time, because the Nintendo 64 had been sold out everywhere and come Christmas day they did not want me to be disappointed.

I cried…I had known that for a while, but something about my parents affirming my suspicions killed the fantasy of Christmas and right there and then my childhood was over. Christmas came, and all the presents had been unwrapped. No marvel of modern technology had been found underneath the tree, but then. Like a modern day Christmas fucking miracle my parents pull one last gift from out of no where.

The Nintendo 64!

Me and my brother furiously unwrapping it to reveal the N64 logo. This Christmas stuck with me forever, and was by far one of the best ones I had ever had. Do you have a Video Game Christmas story to tell? I would love to hear it, drop it down below!

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