“Life is a Fairy Tale” An Interview With Arcane Abbey

Life is a Fairy Tale

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GeekDup: Well let’s ask the obvious question first, what got you into cosplaying and how long have you been doing it?

Arcane Abbey: My obsession with halloween. My moms birthday is on halloween and we have a very close relationship. So I always felt guilty as a child celebrating it, but it was my favourite holiday. So I started melting “halloween” culture/decorations/etc into my yearly life. As cosplay started becoming a thing that people were doing outside of the holiday, I found my “herd” haha

GeekDup: Which Cosplay that you’ve done would you say is your absolute favorite? Like what about it makes it your favorite?

Arcane Abbey: Harley Quinn, Probably. She is the first character that gave me the confidence to step out of the cosplay closet, so to speak



GeekDup: What was the most difficult cosplay you’ve done and what made it so difficult?

Arcane Abbey: Tbh, they all have challenges, some of them are larger projects, some of them are smaller. But at the end of the day, I love it, so it doesn’t feel “difficult”. The Challenging, large, projects are just the ones that feel the most rewarding at the end.

GeekDup: What have you learned about yourself since you started to model? Did you find something out about yourself you didn’t know before cosplay?

Arcane Abbey: OH dear lawd, yes

I have learned a ton about myself since starting this hahaha

and stuff I never would have expected.

The spotlight makes me really nervous. Like most models and girls in this industry get so excited at new “follower milestones” and stuff like that. WHICH I DO! in some ways…. But it also makes me get all dizzy and shaky, and nauseous.

GeekDup: What photoshoots do you have planned in the future? What do your fans have to look forward to?

Arcane Abbey: Xmas elf, Santa, reindeer. (still wrapping the santa and reindeer up though) [Fans can look forward to] Every day, because life is an adventure


GeekDup: Do you have a day job? I would assume that you’re either doing costume design or modeling, but who knows you could be a nuclear physicist with an awesome hobby!

Arcane Abbey: Yes, I am a full time student business, with a finance major. I also work as a caregiver as my day job.


GeekDup: What’s the biggest mistake you see new models frequently make and what advice do you have for them?

Arcane Abbey: What’s the biggest mistake you see new models frequently make and what advice do you have for them? I have no clue. I don’t even know what I’m doing in life. I’m going to be honest. I am faking this, every step of the way. I’m working really hard and trying really hard, but it’s all just following your gut I guess.

GeekDup: How much time do you put into being a cosplay model? Is this just for fun or are you doing this to make ends meet?

Arcane Abbey:

Honestly I put a stupid amount of time into this, It’s basically a constant hustle. But I genuinely love the concept of making people happy, or brightening someones day, So I am grinding this hard at school (to finish what I started), working (to make ends meet), all so that I can pursue working in this industry for the long haul. Do I believe I will model forever? bahaha probably not. but I would love to create a community that can grow with me as I dive into other avenues of entertainment.

GeekDup: When we talk about cosplay a lot of people think that it’s mainly big in Japan, how big is the cosplay scene in Canada?

Arcane Abbey: My dunno? It’s not huge. I know a bunch of convention/halloween cosplayers here, but I feel like it is more of a recent thing that people are accepting here.

You have to remember that Canada itself is a very young country, with basically a bunch of different cultures all sharing space. Recent generations in Canada have started sharing cultures and creating a uniquely “canadian” identity. So people are pretty accepting here of things that are different, but sometimes they are resistant to adopting these differences. So with things like cosplay, people are fine with it, and appreciate it, but not a lot of people do it.

I have been referred to as “the girl that wears cat ears” at my university. It wasn’t meant as an insult, it was just an identifying factor.

GeekDup: Personally I feel like the use of environment in your photoshoots sets you a bar higher than the bedroom/bathroom selfie models, but what do you think sets you apart from others in the industry?

Arcane Abbey: haha that secretly deep down, I’m just a struggling insecure mess like everyone else? I love life, so I smile a lot. I try to find a positive way of looking at things. And I try to bring that out in the people around me. But I don’t do it because I want to project this pedestal of perfection. thats why sometimes I do the no makeup and blemish edit photos. Or the stuff of me in my real life. Thats also why I call people out on being rude in comments. I don’t want to be seen as something more than I am, because even though I can take some wicked photos and do some wicked edits on them, I also am human with flaws. many many flaws

I think others are too focused on always projecting that life is a fairy tail, and they don’t worry about taxes too.

We get it brenda, you bath every day. lah dee dah

must be nice to have “free time”

GeekDup: Honestly this has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve actually been a fan of yours for a long time and I definitely felt the whole “fake it till you make it” idea. I’m actually sitting in that boat right now interviewing you.

Arcane Abbey: It has been a pleasure for myself as well. Take care. Looking very forward to doing this again in the future when we are both rich and famous



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