Japan Does It! Live-Sized Gundam Will Be Taking Its First Steps in The Fall

Japan Does It! Live-Sized Gundam Will Be Taking Its First Steps in The Fall

The land of the rising sun has set some pretty big sights on making their giant-mecha a reality. Right now, they are building a life-size Gundam that will very seriously be walking around in Yokohama, Japan, sometime in October 2020. This is all part of a project that has been going on since 2015 by a company called “Gundam Factory”

“The rich worldview of Gundam is the source of imagination and passion of the people involved in the project. The dream becomes a reality, and that reality creates yet a new dream … This is the ultimate entertainment. One step towards achieving the dream,” says their official website.

You can check that out here >> https://gundam-factory.net/en/

According to the Forbes report on it, this nearly 60-foot-tall mecha isn’t going to be a free-roaming robot, “but will be attached to a support mechanism at the wait, to avoid it from falling over.” However, the biggest bummer is that the general public won’t be able to personally pilot this massive Gundam, but rather it will be controlled with a remote.

Based out of Yamashita Pier, the Gundam Factory is pretty much a theme park experience that has full shops, classes, limited-edition products, and classes!

People of planet Earth can now sleep a little easier because we will have a deterrent if massive space monsters ever decide to attack us.


Tickets to get admission to the Gundam Factory are expected to go on sale in July and the walking Gundam is slated to take its first steps come October 2020 and the exhibit is expected to last through to the next year. A special group of customer are going to be getting a sneak peak of the facilities sometime in the months of July and August.

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