The Internet Says Goodbye to Dragon Ball Z Abridged and Team Four Star =(

The Internet Says Goodbye to Dragon Ball Z Abridged and Team Four Star =(

There’s no doubt that Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series is one of, if not one of the biggest anime and manga to ever come into the world. It’s given us multiple movies, sequels, video games, and not to mention a metric ton of figurines and action figures. The franchise is well known throughout the world and the fandom is incredibly robust, and back in 2008 a special set of fans starting creating a parody of the anime with short videos that shorten the event of the Saiyan saga. Since 2008 Dragon Ball Z Abridged has turned into its cultural phenomenon, and this series created by Team Four Star caught fire on YouTube and has spawned a fandom of their own.

The last of their projects from their online series came out in 2018, and their most recent project was recently cancelled and it confirmed the fears that were circling around in the fandom. Team Four Star publicly announced that the three-part battle between Cell and Gohan was going to be the last.

They later on confirmed that Dragaon Ball Z Abridged has officially come to an end, and any plans to keep the project going have also been lost, fans of the series have bid farewell to Team Four Star. It’s been a huge part of many fan’s lives and it breaks my heart to have to say goodbye to the series as well. I have personally been watching this series for years on end, and have always found their brand of content to be particularly hilarious.

They took a series that was already great and made it completely fresh and new. I definitely understand their choice to discontinue creating the content because it’s not easy producing it for as long as they have been, and on top of it make sure it stays as fresh as it has.

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One thought on “The Internet Says Goodbye to Dragon Ball Z Abridged and Team Four Star =(”

  1. John says:

    Terrified I use anime and the like to shelter me from the world, my whole world is crumbling, I’m 30 and everything is ending and everyone is dying I’m not safe anymore.

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