Classic Movie Monster Land Coming To Universal Studios

Classic Movie Monster Land Coming To Universal Studios

Universal Studios is absolutely killing it lately, and if you thought you were getting geared up for Super Nintendo World, you have got to see what they have in store on top of that! They are doing something that is a little less expected than the already planned How to Train Your Dragon and Fantastic Beasts sections of the park. In addition to those sections of the park they are also planning on building a classic Universal Movie Monster section!

This might be a little less than kid-friendly, but it is one section of the park that we are completely ready for. Especially since the old section of Universal Studios dedicated to Movie Monster is now all but a memory. The first particulars about this new land have started coming out. The theme of this land will look very similar to a European village, and they are already getting busy making sure that sets are made that are reminiscent of the Frankenstein sets that were in the Universal Studios Hollywood lot almost a century ago.

As of right now, this new park is expected open sometime in 2023.

The Universal Movie Monsters section is being reported to showcase at least two major attractions, and there also seems to be two smaller buildings that will probably house shopping centers, dining, and character meet and greets. One main attraction is being rumored to be a classic dark ride, which is supposed to feature most of the original Movie Monsters from Universal. This includes faces like Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, Wolfman, Phantom of the Opera, the Invisible Man, and my personal favorite the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

These classic Movie Monsters have been Universal’s biggest money maker for almost one hundred years, and both Frankenstein and Dracula are celebrating their 90th anniversaries next. These two movies alone produced almost twenty years of interconnected franchises, which spawned the first cinematic universe way before Marvel got to the table. Universal however, does make a metric f*ck ton of cash using their classic monsters through merchandising. It’s pretty safe to say that people still romanticize the old time black and white films, and the message has been read loud and clear by Universal who brings them to life every year for Halloween Horror Nights inside their scare houses.

This new land is going to center mainly around Frankenstein which makes a lot of sense, but we’re hoping the rest of the Movie Monsters get proper representation (especially at the meet and greet). The report also states that there will be a boat ride, which fingers crossed, will be for the Black Lagoon as an expansion. The possibilities for this new land are endless and we’re extremely excited to visit them when then open!


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