Is it GIF or GIF? One Peanut Butter Company Wants to Settle This Argument Forever!

Is it GIF or GIF? One Peanut Butter Company Wants to Settle This Argument Forever!

It is the argument of the century, whether it’s pronounced gif or gif!

(Bet you read that two different ways didn’t you)

Since the dawn of .gif files there has been a discussion on the pronunciation, do you use a soft or hard “G”, luckily the J.M. Smucker Company is here to put this debate to rest for good. They’ve found a pretty clever way to wedge themselves into this market and sell some of their peanut butter at the same time. The wait is officially over, and not a moment too late either because the Nation Peanut Butter Lover’s Day is happening on March 1st. This is a completely legitimate holiday, I mean it’s on their website and everything, and I believe everything I read online.

Jif has teamed up with the .gif host Giphy for a clever marketing campaign “Gif. Vs. GiF” and both companies are going to do what they do, Giphy is going to host a series of peanut butter .gifs and Jif is going to get busy on selling a limited edition jar of their peanut butter, which is a 40 oz. jar that you guy only buy exclusively on Amazon. This limited edition peanut butter jar will come with a double-sided label which obviously clears up the whole argument…obviously… well, at least for the crowd that thinks that it’s pronounced with a hard “G”.

That right there is a good five-dollar amount of peanut butter in a ten-dollar jar, if I do say so myself. If Amazon isn’t listing the product with an animated .gif worry not, you can still see the glorious spinning jar of peanut butter on their website for this new campaign.

J.M. Smucker Company might be a little late to the argument with this one, but we’re glad to see there’s someone with the stones to stand up for what’s right. It’s GiF not GiF!


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