A New Study Finds Evidence That a Parallel Universe Exists and it’s Running Backwards

A New Study Finds Evidence That a Parallel Universe Exists and it's Running Backwards

Scientists trust that they might have just found an alternate parallel universe that has incredibly strange physics attached to it, and it’s behaving a lot different than the reality you and I experience. This is coming out of a report that was posted by New Scientist, and they claim that NASA has recently concluded a study in the Antarctic which revealed evidence of a parallel universe. The evidence shows a universe where time is running backwards, but what the hell does that even mean?

This mirrored universe is experiencing time a lot different than we do, and that’s not the only weird finding. ANITA is NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna, a device which was used to conduct this experiment, it’s basically a gigantic balloon that will lift state of the art antennas into the skies of Antarctica. This location is ideal for this experiment because of the lack of radio interference, and the frigid dry air assists in picking up clearer readings.

ANITA analyzes ultra-high-energy cosmic neutrinos by picking up the radio pulsation that is emitted by the experimenters interaction with the ice sheet in the Antarctic. These neutrinos, who have energies that make radio pulses inside of the ice because of something called the Askaryan Effect, which is a “phenomenon whereby a particle traveling faster than the phase velocity of light in a dense dielectric produces a shower of secondary charged particles which contain a charge anisotropy and thus emits a cone of coherent radiation in the radio or microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum.”

The thought is that these “high energy cosmic neutrinos are the result of the interaction of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays with the photons of the cosmic microwave background radiation.” Basically, they’re hoping that their experiment will assist them in explaining the origin of where these cosmic rays are coming from. Experimental particle physicist, Peter Gorham, from the University of Hawaii and the top investigator at ANITA, is the leading author of a Cornell University paper that states how he and his colleagues first detected some of these cosmic rays, and what he believes, is that they have to be coming from a parallel universe where time is someone running in reverse.

He theorizes that during the moment of the Big Bang there were two universes that formed, one of them was ours, and the other was is this universe running backwards. But, if there is life on the other side, they would be theorizing that it is our universe that is running backward. Nevertheless, Gorham has yet to reveal any other theories on what he thinks this other galaxy would look like, or what life on the other side would be like. The theory of parallel universes has been long debated among the scientific community, and previously, scientists put theories forward on how physics had the potential to work differently in these parallel universes. However, there has never been any real concrete evidence, but this study may have just changed all that.

The first multiverse theory was originally proposed by Erwin Schrodinger, who is famously known for his cat in the box theory.

ANITA is a cooperation of many universities, and is being led by UH Manoa and gets their funding through NASA and the United States Department of Energy. At the beginning of 2020, ANITA had conducted three separate flights that found many neutrinos that were coming from above their experiment, and these radio waves were then reflected before they could reach ANITA. There were two different events that had signatures that pointed to them coming from below. The events were unexpected, because the planet should have absorbed almost all of the neutrinos from this energy. 

However, their follow up experiment was not able to reproduce these findings.

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