You Can Now Live in Evangelion’s Tokyo-3 at Small Worlds Theme Park in Japan

You Can Live in This Replica of Evangelion's Tokyo-3...Kind of

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Get your applications ready for Tokyo-3 residence program that is currently open at Small Worlds in Tokyo. You might recognize Tokyo-3 as the main setting for anime series Evangelion and the grand opening of the miniature theme park opened last month inside of the Ariake district in Japan. Small Worlds has some of the biggest miniature displays. Including a complete replica of Osaka’s Kansai International Airport.

But let’s say you don’t just want to visit the city-scape of Tokyo-3 and you want to actually live there, well you’d be in luck, because Small Worlds is offering just such an experience. When you sign up for Residency Permit Figure Program, the staff will then being to perform a complete 3-D scan of your pody, and then paint a 1:80 scale figure of you, which will then be placed in the section of the city of your choosing for one year.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to place your miniature replica in the city in yourself, but you do get to let the staff know exactly where you would like to be placed. One of the most popular areas tends to be the EVA hangar where the 00,01,02 units are lined up and ready to be deployed for their next battle again the Angels.

The craftsmanship behind the Tokyo-3 miniature has a day/night cycle that smoothly transitions the landscape from dusk till dawn, and the the sun goes down the city really comes to life as the skyscrapers rise up from their subterranean hiding place. There are even specific locations from the anime series that have been recreated here, including the school that Shinji, Rei, and Asuka attend, and the Tokyo-3 brand of convenience store Lawson.

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