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Could Trigun Stampede Be a Prequel? Either Way We're Psyched for the Humanoid Typhoon

There aren’t many anime that fans hold sacred in their hearts like Trigun and to find out that Vash the Stampede was coming back has risen a level of excitement in everyone that hasn’t been felt for a long time. If you don’t know who Vash the Stampede is or his adventures on planet Gunsmoke you can swing on over to Amazon Prime and pick up the whole season for about five bucks right now.

The even better part about Vash’s return is that it isn’t going to be a Netflix original (Thank God) and the new trailer by Studio Oranbge that was shown during the 2022 Anime Expo in LA showcases a brand new art style, which admittedly has quite a few fans of the anime skeptical because it incorporates quite a bit of computer generated imagery. If done correctly, I think this could be a beautiful way of bringing the 60,000,000 $$ hero into the mainstream…but there’s something strange about the new promotional image for the anime, the bounty for Vash the Stampede has been significantly reduced to a mere 6,000,000 $$, which is a far cry from the original amount from the original anime.

This has some fans speculating that there is a very real possibility that the events of this new anime taking place prior to the original and making it a prequel. This would also explain why Vash looks considerably younger in the new anime, but this is all just speculation as of now. However, this also means we may not see the return of some of the original series iconic characters like Wolfwood (even though it is being reported that Meryl, and Milly will be making a return) but it also would give a unique opportunity to also show their back stories, if the series is in fact a prequel. Now, despite some of the artistic changes in Trigun Stampede, Vash will continue to be known as the Humanoid Typhoon, and there is quite a bit of hope that the series will in fact be well made with Kenji Mutou (Beastars) as it’s director and Kouji Tajima (Attack on Titan) who in charge of the character and concept designs. Trigun Stampede is slated for a release in 2023 and we’ll keep you posted on it as more information becomes available.


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