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Here Are The Most Anticipated Games Coming 2023 So Far

Here Are The Most Anticipated Games Coming 2023 So Far

Woo-hoo, 2023 is gonna be a blast for video game enthusiasts! Due to some snafus like new consoles and that little pandemic thing, a ton of games got pushed back to this year. But now that we’re here, get ready for a wild ride!

Fire Emblem Engage

First up, the year starts with a bang as Fire Emblem Engage hit the Switch on January 20th. You’ll be able to summon all your favorite characters, including the OG Marth, and get your strategy on! 

Fire Emblem Engage is the tactics RPG where you face off against the undead with a touch of magic. You play as Alear, a dragon-turned-human with a bit of amnesia who’s been catching some serious z’s for a thousand years. But guess what? An evil dragon has also awakened, and he’s got his sights set on world domination with his army of minions. Good thing the goddess of the world has chosen you to save the day!

And here’s the twist: you’re not just using your sword arm, oh no! You’ll be teaming up with the spirits of Fire Emblem heroes, known as “Emblems.” These Emblems haunt physical rings, and you’ll need to get your hands on these rings to save the world. The main ones you’ll find on your journey, but some you’ll have to gacha for – fingers crossed! Get ready to save the world, one ring and one battle at a time!


Next, have you heard about the new RPG Forespoken? It’s developed by the same folks behind Final Fantasy XV and is a PS5 exclusive that’s also coming to PC. Check it out on January 24th if you’re in the mood for a new adventure. 

In Forspoken, you’ll play as Frey, a young New Yorker who is transported to the captivating and harsh land of Athia. To return home, Frey must harness her newly discovered magical powers to navigate vast environments and defeat formidable beasts.

Frey is described by Creative Producer Raio Mitsuno as a 20-year-old who, despite being “smart” is still somewhat “immature.” She had a tough childhood and is skeptical of the world, using humor and sarcasm as a defense mechanism. However, Frey is kind-hearted and yearns to return home. Her arrival in Athia sets off a chain of events, and the game’s story revolves around her journey to find a way back and master magic.

A talking bracelet named “Cuff” has been introduced in the trailer of the game. Cuff will serve as a guide to Frey on her journey and be an important part of the story. Frey and Cuff are portrayed as having a close relationship but constantly bickering. The continent of Athia, once peaceful, is now on the brink of destruction and ruled by the oppressive figures known as the Tantas. Two Tantas have been confirmed, Tanta Sila in charge of defense and Tanta Prav, the “Tanta of Justice.” Each Tanta represents a specific virtue and Frey must face them in her journey.

Deadspace Remake

Feeling the itch for some deep space survival horror? Dead Space Remake is here to scratch that itch with a terrifying new mutilation system. See for yourself on the 27th of January.

Electronic Arts (EA) officially announced a Dead Space remake during EA Play Live 2021, for Xbox and Windows PC. This third-person survival horror game is a retelling of the original Dead Space, which was released in 2008 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The original game is widely considered one of the best horror games and takes place in the year 2508. It stars engineer Isaac Clarke, who is part of a crew assigned to get the USG Ishimura up and running again, while searching for his girlfriend, Nicole.

The Dead Space remake is not a one-to-one recreation of the original, nor will it be developed by the same team. Nevertheless, fans of the franchise are hopeful given what they’ve seen so far. The original Dead Space game is beloved and so there’s a lot of attention on this remake. In the game, Clarke encounters the Necromorphs, mutated infected corpses, and must fight to survive.

The original Dead Space games were all developed by Visceral Games, but that studio closed in 2017. Some of the original team, including the studio’s co-founder Glen Schofield, worked on a spiritual successor called The Callisto Protocol, which was originally set in the PUBG universe before becoming its own thing. Despite this change, the team’s experience and expertise bode well for the Dead Space remake.

Hogwarts Legacy

Attention all Harry Potter fans! It’s time to head back to Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy. Get ready to experience the thrill of buying overpriced textbooks, navigating the least accessible stairs in school history, and having your entire academic career determined by a talking hat. You can get it on PS5, XBOX Series X|S and PC February 10th, XBOX ONE April 4th and on Switch July 25th.

Hogwarts Legacy, developed by Portkey Games, is a highly-anticipated video game adaptation of the world of school-aged wizards. The game takes place in the late 19th century, before the arrival of Harry and other popular characters from the book series. This time period allows for creative freedom to tell a unique wizarding story.

Players will become a student at Hogwarts and attend classes like Charms and Potions, where they will participate in interactive minigames. They will also explore the Hogwarts castle, solving puzzles with spells and unlocking secret rooms. The game promises to be an immersive, open-world action RPG where players will grow their character’s abilities, master powerful spells, and make difficult choices that determine their standing in the wizarding world.

In addition to attending classes and exploring the castle, players will also be able to fly on their broom and invest points into categories such as stealth and combat. A talent points system will allow players to focus on their preferred abilities, further shaping their character and the overall gameplay experience. From what has been revealed so far, Hogwarts Legacy promises a captivating and dynamic journey through the world of wizarding schools.

Wild Hearts

Are you ready for some action? On February 17th, Wild Hearts takes Monster Hunter and adds a touch of Fortnite. Set in feudal Japan, this game is a wild ride you won’t want to miss!  Get it on PS5, PC and XBOX Series X|S.

In the world of Azuma, players take on the role of a nameless hunter tasked with hunting down massive beasts known as Kemono. The game features large areas for players to explore and eight different weapon types, including wagasa and katana. The combat system is enhanced by the Karakuri mechanic, which allows players to build items to assist in battles. These items can range from simple crates to more complex machines like bulwarks. The building blocks are permanent until destroyed by Kemono, and the consumption of thread, which can be obtained by attacking enemies, is necessary to construct Karakuri.

Players will have the opportunity to unlock new weapons and armors as they progress in the game, allowing them to hunt even more challenging monsters. The game’s narrative campaign is estimated to take around 30 hours to complete, but players can also team up with two other players for added support. The Karakuri mechanic adds a unique element to the game, allowing players to experiment with different combinations and find the most effective way to defeat their enemies.

In summary, the game of Azuma offers a rich and immersive experience for players. The combination of weapons, armor, and the Karakuri mechanic provides a challenging and rewarding experience for hunters. Whether playing solo or with friends, players will find themselves fully immersed in the world of Azuma as they take on the role of a nameless hunter, battling powerful Kemono and building their way to victory.

Atomic Heart

For a blood-pumping shooter with a Soviet aesthetic, check out Atomic Heart on February 22nd. It’s like Bioshock meets Fallout and is available on PS5, PC and XBOX Series X|S.

Atomic Heart is an action role-playing video game with elements of first-person shooter gameplay. The combat features a combination of shooting and close-quarters combat with improvised weapons, including a variety of enemies such as mechanical, biomechanical, biological, and airborne creatures. There is a crafting system where players can assemble weapons using metal parts obtained from robots or household appliances, and they can also upgrade their weapons using “casettes.”

Ammunition is scarce in the game, and players have the option to sneak around enemies. Quick-time events are also included, adding an extra layer of challenge. The player character wears a special glove called the Polymer Glove, which grants him telekinetic, freezing, and electric powers that can be combined with melee and ranged weapons. Canisters can be looted and crafted to upgrade weapons with elemental effects, but once the canister is depleted, it is discarded from the player’s inventory.

The game is set in Facility 3826, the Soviet Union’s leading scientific research center in an alternate 1955. In the 1930s, Dmitry Sechenov developed a liquidized programmable module called the Polymer, leading to significant technological advancements in energy and robotics in the USSR. This includes a networked artificial intelligence called the Kollektiv, connecting robots together.

However, the official launch of Thought, a device that integrates Polymer into the human body to allow remote neural interfacing with robots as part of an improved Kollektiv 2.0, goes wrong on June 13, 1955, and Facility 3826 descends into chaos.


Horizon Call of the Mountain

Horizon Call of the Mountain is a highly anticipated action-adventure video game developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite. It will be the latest addition to the Horizon series and is set to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment on February 22. The game will be a launch title for the upcoming PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset.

In Horizon Call of the Mountain, players control the game’s protagonist, Ryas, from a first-person perspective. Ryas is described as “a master at climbing and archery” and is equipped with a hunter bow that can be used to defeat robotic creatures in the game. Players can explore multiple paths and objectives and will unlock additional tools and gear as they progress through the game. In addition to the main story, the game features a scenic mode called “River Ride” which provides players with a guided tour of the game’s beautiful landscape.

The story of Horizon Call of the Mountain follows Ryas, a former Shadow Carja rebel who must atone for his crimes by joining an expedition to investigate a new threat to the Sundom. During his journey, Ryas will encounter both new and returning characters, including franchise protagonist Aloy.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is developed by Guerrilla Games, who developed Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, and Firesprite, a UK-based studio with experience in developing VR titles such as The Playroom and The Persistence. The game was officially announced in January 2022 during Sony’s CES press conference and is set to be released on February 22, 2023 for the PlayStation VR2 headset.

Company of Heroes 3

If you’re into classic turn-based RPGs, Company of Heroes 3 is coming  February 23rd. With dynamic campaigns, tactical pauses, and two unique campaigns in Northern Africa and Italy, this World War II RTS is sure to be a hit. Get it on PS5, PC and XBOX Series X|S.

Relic Entertainment led the development of Company of Heroes 3, which takes place in the Mediterranean theatre. The setting was chosen as it offers a variety of environments, which is a feature requested by players of older games. The Italian areas in the game offer “broader palette for environmental gameplay”, and players can make use of the verticality of the maps to plan their moves and attacks.

The players take the role of either the Allied Forces during their invasion of Italy or the Axis forces in the North African campaign. The game features new systems such as the Tactical Pause, which allows players to pause battles and queue up commands, and an improved destruction system that gives the title more granular destruction, such as individual tiles and bricks crumbling off buildings.

Additionally, the game includes Italian Partisans as allied NPCs that can be used on the map or called in during battles. The story is dynamic, and the player’s interactions with the game’s various commanders can affect the ending. Company of Heroes 3 offers a unique gaming experience with its setting, improved gameplay mechanics, and dynamic story.


Sons of the Forest

Prefer a survival game? Sons of the Forest will have you foraging for supplies, braving the elements, and fighting off mutant cannibals. Coming February 23rd to PC.
Sent to find a missing billionaire on a remote island, you find yourself in a cannibal-infested environment. The open-world survival horror simulator allows you to craft, build, and struggle to survive in a terrifying environment.

As a survival horror simulator, the game offers complete freedom to players. Players have complete control over their actions, deciding where to go, what to do, and how best to survive. Unlike other games, there are no NPC’s providing missions or giving orders, players themselves choose their next move.

Players will encounter a range of mutated creatures in the world of the game, some which are almost human-like and others that are completely unique. To defend against these enemies, players are equipped with weapons like pistols, axes, stun batons, and more.

In addition to fighting against demons, players can build and craft their own structures, from breaking sticks to make fires to cutting out windows and floors with an axe. The game also features changing seasons, with players able to pluck fresh salmon from streams in spring and summer, and collect and store food for the winter months.

Finally, the game offers co-op gameplay, allowing players to survive alone or with friends. Players can share items, work together to build defenses, and bring backup to explore above and below ground. Whether you choose to play alone or with friends, the game provides a challenging and thrilling experience.

Kerbal Space Program 2

And for a fun and reckless approach to aeronautics, Kerbal Space Program 2 lets you repeatedly kill adorable astronauts through trial and error. It’s hitting Early Access on PC on February 24th, with console versions and custom bases coming later. 

Kerbal Space Program 2 is a space flight simulation video game that is currently under development by Intercept Games. The game is set to be published by Private Division and is the sequel to the 2011 hit, Kerbal Space Program. Players can expect to get their hands on the game via early access release on February 24, 2023, for Microsoft Windows, with releases for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S planned for a later date.

The gameplay in Kerbal Space Program 2 builds upon the sandbox features of its predecessor, while introducing new and exciting gameplay elements. Players can expect to see the introduction of new propulsion methods, such as the Orion drive, as well as the addition of habitation modules for building colonies on surfaces, orbits, and planets. The game also includes a multiplayer mode, and players will be able to travel to other planets and stars.

The development of Kerbal Space Program 2 was announced on August 19, 2019, during Gamescom. Initially, the release date was set for early 2020, and the game was being developed by Star Theory Games, formerly Uber Entertainment. The name change was made to show a stronger association with the Kerbal Space Program franchise. The development team shifted to Star Theory in part so that Squad could focus on developing updates for the original game.

To make the experience in Kerbal Space Program 2 feel grounded and accurate, the development team consulted with a panel of scientists and experts. This panel included Dr. Uri Shumlak, the associate chair of the University of Washington’s Aeronautics and Astronautics department, Scott Manley, an astrophysicist and YouTuber, and Dr. Joel Green, another astrophysicist. The team received feedback that the original game was too overwhelming for new players, so they aim to make the game more accessible by adding more tutorials and guidance for players to better understand the various systems in the game.

Octopath Traveler

If you thought Octopath Traveler was neat in 2018, you’re in for a treat as it’s coming to PC, Switch, and both PlayStations on February 24th, and March 1st for PC. But don’t get too excited about another boring post-apocalyptic zombie survival game with base building and survival elements.

Octopath Traveler is an RPG that boasts a unique graphical aesthetic known as “HD-2D.” This style combines retro Super NES-style sprites and textures with high-definition effects and polygonal environments. Players start by choosing one of eight characters, each with their own unique “Path Action” command and character class. These path actions can be used to interact with NPCs and progress through quests.

The player must choose a protagonist, who cannot be removed from the active party until their story arc is completed. The other characters can be recruited at their starting locations. The path action command has two categories: Noble and Rogue. Noble’s effectiveness depends on the character’s level or in-game currency, while Rogue has the risk of the player losing credibility with other NPCs. When the player loses enough reputation in a town, they can no longer use their Path Actions on NPCs there.

The game features a turn-based battle system, where the player can attack using weapons or elemental attacks, use abilities, and items. Each party member receives a Boost Point at the end of every turn, which they can store up to five at a time. Boost Points can be used to boost a command and increase damage, defense, or ability potency. However, the player does not receive a Boost Point the turn after using them. Enemies have a shield counter that decreases when attacked with their weakness. When depleted, the enemy becomes stunned and takes more damage, losing a turn.

In conclusion, Octopath Traveler is a game that combines classic RPG elements with a unique graphical style. Players start by choosing one of eight characters, each with their own unique Path Action command and character class. The game features a turn-based battle system where the player can use Boost Points to enhance their attacks and abilities. The player must also manage their reputation with NPCs to progress through quests and interact with the world.



Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Let’s not forget about the latest project from Team Ninja, Long Fallen Dynasty. It looks to continue the long-standing tradition of kicking your butt repeatedly, set in China’s Three Kingdoms period with a grizzly dark fantasy twist. It’s coming March 3rd to PS5, PC and XBOX Series X|S.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an action role-playing video game that allows players to customize their own avatar at the start of the game. Players can choose from one of five “phases” and have access to two options for close-range attacks. In combat, players are required to deflect attacks using melee weapons to create opportunities for counterattacks.

The game features a “Morale rank” system for enemies, with more challenging foes dropping more valuable loot. As players perform close-range attacks, their spirit gauge fills, allowing them to unleash “spirit attacks” that include special combat moves and elemental spells. Players can also select one of five “Divine Beasts” to assist in combat or provide passive bonuses through “Divine Beast Resonance”.

The game’s structure is largely linear, similar to Nioh, with Battle Flags placed throughout the world that can be used to save progress or upgrade characters. “Genuine Qi”, the game’s form of experience, is used for character upgrades and unlocking new abilities. Unlike Nioh, Wo Long includes a jump button to further facilitate exploration and combat.

Wo Long also offers a cooperative multiplayer mode where players can summon a friend to help out during combat. This adds a new level of strategy to the game and allows players to tackle challenging combat encounters with a partner. Overall, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty offers a unique and engaging experience for players who enjoy action role-playing games

Skull and Bones

Apparently, Skull and Bones is finally coming out, but we’ll believe it when we see it. This multiplayer pirate game from Ubisoft is said to have started as an Assassin’s Creed Black Flag spin-off, but now it’s more like Sea of Thieves. It’s been delayed for a while, but it drops anchor on new gen and PC on March 9th.

Skull and Bones is a video game developed by Ubisoft Singapore, inspired by the naval battles of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The development of the game started in 2013 and it was initially envisioned as an expansion of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag or as an MMO spinoff title under the name Black Flag Infinite. However, it was later spun off as an independent project due to outdated technology.

Skull and Bones is a tactical action game set in an open world and played from a third-person perspective. The players take control of a customizable pirate ship and can choose to sail solo in the Indian Ocean and set off on a single-player campaign or gather up to five other players for player versus player gameplay in Disputed Waters.

In the game, players must use wind positioning to their advantage in battles. They can collect additional ships like sloops-of-war, frigates and brigantines, each with its own weapons like mortars, broadside cannons, and rockets. Players can also charge into ships and board them, with the rate of damage being

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It is a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and is set to release on April 28, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.

In terms of gameplay, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor maintains several elements from its predecessor while adding new features. The lightsaber combat in the game has five different stances that Cal Kestis, the protagonist, can use. The dual-wield single blade attack from Fallen Order has been expanded into its own fully playable lightsaber stance. There’s also a new crossguard lightsaber style that requires more confidence to use. The different stances are designed to be used against specific types of enemies, making players think about the best weapon to choose. A new Force stasis ability allows players to freeze enemies and blaster bolts in mid-air.

The story of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes place five years after the events of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and falls around the same time as the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. The player follows Jedi Knight Cal Kestis as he tries to survive against the Galactic Empire. Kestis must do whatever it takes to stay alive, being one of the few surviving Jedi after Order 66. He faces a new adversary in the form of a mysterious Pau’an Imperial senator on Coruscant who makes a dangerous deal.

In conclusion, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor promises to be an exciting addition to the Star Wars franchise. With its improved gameplay, new lightsaber styles, and Force abilities, the game offers a thrilling experience for fans of the series. The story set in the same timeline as the Obi-Wan Kenobi series adds to the excitement of exploring the Star Wars universe.







Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is finally rising from its grave on April 28th, coming to PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.


Dead Island 2 is the latest installment in the Dead Island franchise. Developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver, the game is a blend of action and role-playing elements. Players can expect to immerse themselves in the post-apocalyptic world of Los Angeles and San Francisco, which have been quarantined due to the zombie outbreak.

The game has had a difficult development period, with multiple studios taking over the project over the years. Yager Development was originally contracted to work on Dead Island 2 in 2012, but was removed in 2015. Sumo Digital was next to take over, but they were also removed, with Dambuster Studios, an internal studio of Deep Silver, becoming the developers in 2019.

Dead Island 2 introduces new mechanics to its combat system, while still retaining features such as the “rage” and crafting systems from its predecessors. Players can expect a fresh take on the classic Dead Island experience.

In terms of the plot, Dead Island 2 takes place a couple of months after the events of Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. The United States Armed Forces has put California under full quarantine, in an effort to contain the new and stronger zombie outbreak.

Players will find themselves navigating the open-world cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, taking on hordes of zombies and engaging in a variety of missions. With the release date quickly approaching, fans of the Dead Island franchise are eagerly awaiting the chance to experience Dead Island 2 for themselves.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a highly anticipated action-adventure game being developed and published by Nintendo. It is a sequel to the 2017 game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and is set to release on the Nintendo Switch on May 12, 2023.

Development for the game began in 2017 after the completion of Breath of the Wild. At the 2019 E3 event, the game was officially announced as a sequel to Breath of the Wild, and at E3 2021, Nintendo revealed more information about the game, including gameplay, story elements, and a 2022 release date. However, the release date was later changed to Q2 2023, and the title Tears of the Kingdom was revealed in a Nintendo Direct presentation held in September 2022.

The game’s director, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, and producer, Eiji Aonuma, are reprising their roles from Breath of the Wild. The game was created after the team was unable to use all of the ideas they had planned for the Breath of the Wild downloadable content. New elements in Tears of the Kingdom include floating islands above Hyrule, which players will be able to explore and soar between in a style similar to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011).

Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is an upcoming video game developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Games. It is part of the Batman: Arkham series and takes place after the events of Batman: Arkham Knight. The game is set to be released on May 26, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.

Gameplay The game is an action-adventure game that can be played solo or with up to four players in a cooperative multiplayer mode. The open world of the game is based in Metropolis and features four playable characters: Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and King Shark. Players can switch between characters at will when playing solo, while the other characters are controlled by AI.

Premise The game takes place in the universe established by the Batman: Arkham series and follows Amanda Waller as she creates a task force known as the Suicide Squad. The team, composed of Arkham Asylum inmates, is sent to Metropolis on a covert mission. When they arrive, they find that the alien invader Brainiac has invaded Earth and has started brainwashing its inhabitants, including members of the Justice League.

With Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Batman all under Brainiac’s control, the Suicide Squad is the only hope for saving the world. They must free the Justice League from Brainiac’s control and stop him before he destroys Metropolis and the world. Only Wonder Woman is not under Brainiac’s control and is unable to help.

In conclusion, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a highly anticipated action-adventure game that offers players a unique twist on the classic superhero genre. With its open world and cooperative multiplayer mode, players will have the opportunity to experience the game in a new and exciting way.

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is a forthcoming fighting game that will be published by Capcom. It is slated for release on June 2, 2023, for various platforms such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. There will also be an arcade version of the game released in Japan by Taito, exclusively for Japan.

One of the key features of Street Fighter 6 is its gameplay, which consists of three major modes. These are Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. The Fighting Ground mode contains local and online versus battles, training, and arcade modes that all feature 2D fighting gameplay similar to previous entries in the series. The World Tour is a single-player story mode that allows players to explore 3D environments with action-adventure gameplay, while the Battle Hub acts as an online lobby mode.

The gameplay of Street Fighter 6 is built around the Drive Gauge system, designed to encourage player creativity. The Drive Gauge can be used for five different techniques, giving players the opportunity to choose which to prioritize. The main mechanics of the Drive Gauge are based on previous Street Fighter mainline games, such as Parry, Focus Attack, and EX move. The game also offers three control types, including a classic control scheme, a modern control scheme, and a dynamic control scheme, which is only allowed in certain parts of the Fighting Ground mode.

The game features the return of multiple super combos, similar to the Street Fighter Alpha sub-series. However, each character only has three super combos based on their level gauge. For example, Ryu’s Shinku Hadoken, Shin Hashogeki, and Shin Shoryuken can only be used at Level 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

A new addition to Street Fighter 6 is the real-time commentary system, which offers an English and/or Japanese play-by-play and color commentary in real-time, giving the game a more tournament-style feel.

Diablo 4

Diablo IV is the next highly anticipated action role-playing game in the Diablo series. Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, it was officially announced in November 2019 at the BlizzCon event and is slated to be released on June 6, 2023. The game brings back the beloved classic features such as procedurally generated dungeons and loot-focused character development, while also incorporating new elements like an open world and player versus player interactions. Get it on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Players can choose from five playable classes, including Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, Rogue, and Necromancer, all of which have made appearances in previous installments of the series. In the game, players guide their chosen character through quests and battles in the world of Sanctuary as Lilith, once banished, returns to cause chaos.

The core of the gameplay revolves around gradually acquiring stronger equipment through battles with increasingly difficult enemies. Players fight using different character class skills that can be customized using equipment and talent trees. The enemies in the game are split into monster families, each with its own unique theme, combat style, and location.

Diablo IV features a more “grounded” story than its predecessor, Diablo III, as it focuses on the simple folk of Sanctuary rather than political or high-fantasy themes. The player’s effectiveness in combat is determined by attributes and equipped item boosts, and the game introduces three new attributes: Angelic, Demonic, and Ancestral Power.

Players can also upgrade their gear with runes and runewords, and trading and crafting will be available in the game, albeit limited to resources outside of the most powerful items. The game will have limited-time seasons and will include microtransactions in the form of cosmetic items. It is important to note that the game will require an internet connection and cannot be played offline.

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI is the latest entry in the popular Final Fantasy series, developed and published by Square Enix. It is scheduled for release on June 22, 2023 for the PlayStation 5 and will be a timed exclusive for the platform. The game features an action-based combat system with both melee and magic-based attacks, as well as open environments for players to explore. It also includes iconic series elements like Chocobos and summoned monsters known as Eikons.

The game is set in the world of Valisthea, where six nations hold power through their access to magical Crystals and Dominants who act as hosts for their Eikons. As a Blight begins to consume the land, tensions between the nations escalate. The protagonist, Clive Rosfield, is a guardian to his younger brother Joshua, who witnesses his kingdom’s destruction and goes on a quest for revenge against the dark Eikon Ifrit.

Development of Final Fantasy XVI began in 2015, with a team that included Naoki Yoshida as producer, Hiroshi Takai as main director, and artists Hiroshi Minagawa and Kazuya Takahashi. The creative director and lead writer was Kazutoyo Maehiro, Masayoshi Soken composed the music, and Ryota Suzuki, a veteran of Capcom, was the battle designer. The aim of the game was to create a dark fantasy storyline with broad appeal and to reinvigorate the series. However, the production and promotion were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and later by the invasion of Ukraine.

In terms of gameplay, players control protagonist Clive Rosfield and a rotating party of AI-controlled companions as they explore segmented open environments. The combat is a combination of melee and magic attacks, and players can dodge enemy attacks. Clive will also face battles with summoned monsters called Eikons, and after defeating them, he gains access to their powers and techniques. The game also includes classic Final Fantasy elements like Chocobos and monster types.

Final Fantasy XVI has two separate modes, a “Story” mode that offers accessories to simplify combat and strengthen characters, and a normal mode that presents a greater challenge. There will also be a New Game+ mode, which allows players to carry over their statistics and equipment into a campaign with increased difficulty.

In conclusion, Final Fantasy XVI is a highly anticipated entry in the series, offering a combination of action-based combat, open environments, and classic Final Fantasy elements. With its dark fantasy storyline, it promises to reinvigorate the series and offer players a thrilling gaming experience.

2023 promises to be an exciting year for gamers with an abundance of highly anticipated titles set to be released. From action-packed adventure games to captivating role-playing games, there is something for everyone. The graphics and gameplay of these games are sure to take the gaming experience to new heights, immersing players in fantastical worlds and providing hours of entertainment. With the advancement of technology, players can expect an even more realistic and interactive experience, making the games of 2023 truly unforgettable. Whether you are a fan of first-person shooters, strategy games, or puzzle games, the upcoming releases are sure to be a feast for the senses. So, gear up and get ready to enter the world of gaming in 2023 – it’s going to be a ride you won’t forget!

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