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The Goku Coma Theory – Was it all Just a Dream?

The Goku Coma Theory – Was it all Just a Dream?

Ever wonder why Dragon Ball Super has so many inconsistencies and conveniences? Why the series seems to be so carefree, happy, and catered towards Goku?

Hold on to your dragon balls, because we’re about to embark on a fantastic journey exploring one of the most intriguing fan theories about Goku from the original Dragon Ball series. Is it possible that Kid Goku has been in a coma for all these years? One fan theory suggests that this is completely possible, and even though the original creepypasta author had deleted the theory, but one blogger re-writes the theory from memory.

This theory claims that during the scene in the original Dragon Ball story, the moment Goku hits his head on a rock he slips into a deep coma, and everything and everyone he comes accross in his comatose dream state, are all just representations of things that Goku wants.


Beginning with the characters we see in Dragon Ball such as Master Roshi, who is Goku’s hope of becoming stronger and learning new things. This is evident during his mastering of the Kamehameha wave. The maximum power lever that Master Roshi has represents Goku’s desire to become even more powerful and ultimately surpassing any normal limitations.

Krillin is Goku’s want of a best friend that he currently did not have, and the need of a rival who would push him to become even stronger than he was before meeting him. The Ox King is also what Goku would imagine himself growing up to look like, which is kind of a stretch but we won’t hold that against OP.


Bulma on the other hand is Goku’s curiosity of his sexual nature and his need to become smarter. Which is why we have multiple scenes where Bulma is being represented in a sexual way, and the same goes for Chi Chi who plays on this sexual curiosity, who will later come to be his ideal wife. Lastly we come to the Demon King Piccolo who represents all of Goku’s deepest fears at the time. Could this be the equivalent of a comatose nightmare?

Moving on to Dragon Ball Z. Goku has been in a coma for some years now and through his dreaming we eventually come to Bardock who he imagines to be his father, which is why he looks so much like our hero because…you guessed it, he’s his father. The Saiyan race is also the mental representation of Goku’s need to fit in somewhere because he feels like this would be the only group he would relate to because of his tail, but they are a proud angry race, and they’re also incredibly powerful because he remembers his own aggressive nature.

Vegeta is who Goku would imagine would be his ideal rival from this Saiyan race, and the reason Vegeta is always bested by Goku is because unlike Goku, Vegeta thinks very highly of himself. Frieza is all the fears that Goku must ultimately face, and when he kills Krillin he created an ascended version of himself and calls it Super Saiyan.

King Kai is Goku’s need for guidance, who helps Goku down the long road of this coma he is currently in, and who may ultimately help him awake from this very long sleep. Gohan is obviously the ideal son who Goku wants to have a successful life, and Goten being his own innocence in child form, who is as strong as he wishes he was right now.

Trunks represents his fears of the future, and along with him the cyborgs being his own fears of technology that he doesn’t quite understand. This also represents his fear of what can come from this unknown technology. Which brings us to Majin Buu who is Goku’s own gluttony and childhood innocence that eventually turns into a nightmare because of his own fear of hurting the one’s he loves. The different forms of Super Saiyan are the representation of Goku pushing his power level to the maximum potential which also goes hand in hand with the Fusion characters such as Gogeta and Vegito, this is all just Goku exploring new heights as he works together with himself and his allies. Vegito is more of his own cocky side where as Gogeta is his more earnest side of himself when he wants to take things a little more seriously. Now this theory may seem a little far fetched and anyone can make a coma story out of any animated if we’re being honest, but it’s just a fun theory to thing about. What do you guys think? You can sound off in the forum section where we’ll be adding a discussion about this theory.


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