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Opinions Without Research: A Recipe for Misinformation and Division

Opinions Without Research: A Recipe for Misinformation and Division

In a world of instant gratification and impulsive opinions, where people react without thinking and proudly display their ignorance for all to see, we’ve lost sight of the value of taking the time to read and educate ourselves.

Welcome to a world where reading has become an afterthought, and where people have strong opinions on articles they’ve never even taken the time to read. I recently had the displeasure to witness a steady stream of people too lazy to read even the title of an article, let alone the entire article itself, allowing themselves to feel educated enough to write their own paragraph long posts in response after just a mere glance at a header image. Triggered by the latest outrage, they go on rants and post angry comments without taking the time to research or understand the issue at hand. Patting themselves on the back after, as if they had just won some one-sided justice war of words all on their own, all while arguing the same points the writer, me, was trying to make. 

How do you argue with a person like that? You are compelled to leave them be like a petulant child who just threw a tantrum over your attempt to fix their shoes that were on the wrong feet. Further meddling will only incite further complaints from them, even though you are aware that they are in the wrong. The child, however, feels a sense of achievement.

It’s a world where attention spans are shorter than a goldfish’s, and where we’re bombarded with information. It’s ironic, really. Some people have become so attached to their smartphones yet they can barely take the time to read anything longer than a tweet. And so, they form opinions based on headlines and summaries, and they proudly share their thoughts with the world.

But let’s be honest, it’s not really their fault. They’ve become so overwhelmed that they’ve lost the ability to focus, to read and to understand. They’re quick to judge an article without knowing the alignment or views of the writer, and without taking the time to consider the possibility that the writer might hold the same views as them. Or is it that our present-day society, where everyone has the means to broadcast themselves to the world, has bred a generation of self-absorbed individuals and they believe they are above everyone else’s beliefs and views?

Dear reader, you are different. You’ve taken the time to read this article, and for that, I thank you. You’ve shown that you’re willing to take the time to educate yourself, and that you value informed opinions. You understand that forming opinions based on ignorance is not only harmful to personal growth, but it’s also dangerous for society.

The current divide the world is going through is a testament to the damaging effects of uninformed opinions, not taking the time to read and having a hairpin trigger. We’re seeing a world where people are shouting past each other, where opinions are formed without understanding, and where we’re losing sight of the importance of knowledge and understanding. We’re losing sight that we are in this together.

So, let’s strive for a world where people take the time to read and research before they form opinions. Let’s strive for a world where people are informed and thoughtful, and where they value knowledge and understanding. Only then can we bridge the divide and build a better, more informed society. For if we don’t it will be our demise.  

It’s worth noting that opinions are like rectums – everyone has one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks. But with a little bit of effort, we can make sure that our opinions are informed and well-reasoned. By taking the time to read and educate ourselves, we can make progress and build a better future.

So, dear reader, thank you again for taking the time to read this article. You’re making a difference, and you’re contributing to a more informed society. Keep reading, keep educating yourself, and keep striving for a better world.

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